ToyBox NBA Lockout UPDATE: Blazer Edition (all of the underlined terms are actual links to more info)

Just a few months ago, TOY BOX features the “Royplosion” after an amazing performance by my amazing cousin Brandon Roy!

Things are still up in the air for the guys.  Overall, the players I associate with are very optimistic and positive outlook on this thing working out.  I found an interesting article while browsing the news wire on the lockout.  I didn’t write ANY of the content below, nor do I agree with the use of the word “hobbled” in ref to my fam but hey, that’s media for you! Please check the link below this snippet to see all of the article!


Once NBA Lockout Ends, Fringe Contenders Have Most Work To Do: Where are the Blazers in all of this confusion?

 Question No. 1 with a bullet is Brandon Roy. He has $69 million remaining on his contract. That’s one helluvan amnesty option, especially if the league’s amnesty clause wipes money off of the cap in addition to the luxury tax rolls. But at the same time, even hobbled he might be Portland’s best perimeter playmaker, he has a still-great rapport with Aldridge, the team’s best player, and the Blazers are better with Roy than without. But $69 million, y’all.

Greg Oden is a little different: he hasn’t actually contributed much to Portland over the last four seasons. Oden could take the mystery out of his situation by signing the team’s (pricey) qualifying offer, which will essentially act as a one-year deal, allowing the lumberjack to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. But if Oden doesn’t take the one-year flyer and opts for the chance at stability, and a team (like say, Detroit?) rolls the dice on a multi-year deal … at what point do the Blazers cut their losses, cap their sunk costs and allow themselves to allow Oden to potentially make his mark somewhere else? Remember that when on the court, Oden has been pretty damned good. This isn’t a Hasheem Thabeet situation. 

If Oden is gone, and perhaps even if he stays, Portland may also need to consider upgrading the center position (Marcus Camby wasn’t great last year). I’d venture to say that Felton and rookie Nolan Smith at the point is an upgrade over Miller and Patty Mills (who the Blazers can retain via restricted free agency); at the very least, adding Felton should help some of the team’s shooting problems and be neutral or slightly positive on defense, assuming Felton comes to Portland in shape, which is a tiresome thing to say but needs to be said because, man, look at Raymond Felton, has he been hanging out with Carmelo Anthony or something?

Please check out the full articles covering many more NBA teams here.

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